About One Too Many Diets

For the longest time, we have been inundated with one diet after the next. It seems that every once in a while someone does some great research into a particular type of food or process and then develops an entire eating plan based on this research, while ignoring the rest of the big picture.

From as early as 1820, Lord Byron promoted the Water and Vinegar Diet, not a healthy way to diet at all and yet, something that is still used

today by some. In the early 1900’s, Lucky Strike cigarettes launched a campaign where they encouraged people to reach for a Lucky Strike cigarette before they reach for a sweet. While this can’t reallly be categorised as a diet, it promoted the idea that cigarettes are healthier than sweets. Crazy as it may seem, young models of today still choose to smoke as an alternative to eating.

Then there was the Grapefruit Diet and the Cabbage Diet. While the Cabbage Diet may have worked for some, it will have left others bloated and cramping from day to night.

Probably one of the strangest ‘diets’ ever, was the Tapeworm Diet. Maria Callas, an opera singer in the 1950’s allegedly swallowed a tablet containing this parasite and, over time, lost 65 pounds.

Cigarette DietIn the 60’s, Weight Watchers was formed where you literally weighed the food you ate, followed by the Sleeping Beauty Diet. In 1975, what had to have been every kid’s favourite diet, was popularised. It was called the Cookie Diet and involved eating cookies which were stuffed with a variety of amino acids. If only that one really worked, what a joy dieting would be. This was followed shortly by the Breakfast Shake Diet. A diet that has popped it’s head up in a many different ways since then.

Year after year , new diets have taken the spotlight, mostly fuelled by money and not health sadly. Recently, however, a diet – no – an eating plan that goes back to the roots of mankind and focusses on eating that which is natural and healthy has come to the forefront. It is called the Paleo Diet and it is likely the last diet you will ever need.

We will discuss the Paleo lifestyle in more deatail in the posts to come.



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